Getting Jiggy With It


You know I got you like a tune
My heart swells like a balloon
With your name on my lips
I go swaying my hips

I love to dance in the rain
People watch like I’m insane
Does it look like I care?
Oh boy, in love it’s all fair

Getting jiggy with it
Ah-ha ah-ha
Now, groove to my beat
Ah-ha ah-ha

Love don’t care a thing
Dance with me and sing
Boy, I know you’re dying
To have my love undying

Getting jiggy with it
Ah-ha ah-ha
Groove to my beat
Ah-ha ah-ha

Put your hands on my waist
Now, kiss my lips for a taste
I see you wanting for more
I’m made of your dreams galore

You’ve fallen in love with me
I’m your wildest fantasy
Now, get down on your knees
Say those words that please

Getting jiggy with it
Ah-ha ah-ha
Groove to my beat
Ah-ha ah-ha

©Nandita Manan Yata

*Laugh it out, you guys!


100 thoughts on “Getting Jiggy With It

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  1. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Aaj to matlab!!!! Kahar hi dhhaa dogi aap!!!!!
    Waha internet pe koi apni aankho se qatal-e-aam kar Raha, aur yaha aap Apne words se..!!!😍😍😍😍😍
    It is such a lovely and beautiful song.. passion bhi hai, tune bhi hai, flow bhi hai, sensuous bhi hai!!!! Kisi music director Ko bhej do.. sach Mai!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍 Maza agaya padh ke..😊😊

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  2. Don’t write these kind of poems today..already half depressed with Valentine’s Day..and you writing these kind of tempting lines..” oh boy I know you are dying” yes this line is for the your earphones..listen to my heart beat…atleast imagine my fingers going through your hair..atleast let me fantasize this moment for the moment

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  3. Reblogged this on Falling Star Burning Brightly and commented:
    Ah so you thought you could just
    Run and hide
    Tease me by dancing – swaying
    Before the mirror
    With your curves undulating
    Your lovely bubbles
    Jiggling like twin bowels of jell-o
    That is until
    I stepped through the mirror drew
    You into my arms
    Placed a kiss upon your silken lips
    A single glance
    Into my sky blue eyes made you
    Mine — with desire
    As I swept you away into the land
    Of sweetest dreams
    From which no women has returned

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