First and Last

You are my first blank thought
upon the earliest streak of light I see
You are my last sure word
before darkness envelopes me completely

And in between these, I find myself
lost in hopes, wishes and longings
humid dreams from leftover melancholic sunsets
clinging to your awaited rationed sightings

©NMY. 2018.


32 thoughts on “First and Last

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  1. Reblogged this on Falling Star Burning Brightly and commented:
    Your words
    Whisper within my ears morning
    Noon and night

    Just as your always
    In my thoughts from dawn till sunset
    Within my dreams

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      1. I can not explain it! You have a gift of pouring back into my heart what others take out but do not return. All by just being my friend! 🙂


  2. Lovely…..reminds me of a song called “All I do is think of you”. A true testament of love between someone. Thinking of someone on two occasions, day and night is always right. You are a romantic at heart lovely🌹🌹

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