Fandango Smiles


Peek-a-boo, how do I not do what I do
Where there is love, there is me and you
Words play hide and seek, we catch and throw
Glances across the crowd, for us to know

Unfurl dreams through half-covered shy smiles
Daydream as I draw you some pretty laugh lines
You know how hard I try not to let it show
The secret in your heart, in my eyes it glows

The smiles I throw, catch them on your lips
Trace a map of love on me with your fingertips
Play some fandango, I’ll dance for you to Los Lobos
You are my Numero Uno and there’s no duos


Image: Self (today).



64 thoughts on “Fandango Smiles

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  1. Where is the rest of this comment. This is the second time I leave a long comment and it disappears.

    This is a wonderful piece. More aptly described as delightful and playful, Very happy to see Lady Pathos start the week in such a pleasant mood. For life revolves around her smile (as demonstrated by the lovely pic).

    You are my numero uno. And the only duo is you and me. The Dynamic Duo. xoxoxo

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    1. You calling me Lady Pathos makes it sound like Lady Felicidad. Lol. I had my smile throughout the day, you know. I guess it showed in my Fandango lines. Thanks, you are awesomeness.
      Dynamic duo indeed. Yayayay! Love it. xoxoxo

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      1. Ivor, I hope the confusion is clear now. I was severely harassed and bullied. A fake email was created using my name and comments were written on my friends blogs. It was horrible. I had put up a post to let readers know about it all. I’m sorry if you got inappropriate comments with my name.

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      2. I’ve deleted everything and didn’t open any of spam. Dabir was so helpful, and a real friend and guided me through things. I’m quite hopeless with technology. Dabir is such a sweet person. 😊

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      3. Nan
        As soon as I saw Ivor’s comment about the strange messages. I went straight to his blog and appraised him of the situation and warned him to delete them right away.

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