Floating Alone

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My oars he used to be
with him pulling me
through the prattling brook that defined me
We used to meet
somewhere along the way..
Our flow in unison
What an inseparable motion we used to be!

Now the lull that he has become
no more oars he can provide
I am left floating alone
wondering if there is any respite…

P.S. I recently used this image on my poem Healing Rain but I felt it went very well with this one too.


44 thoughts on “Floating Alone

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  1. The image goes so well with your poem. Goodbyes under such circumstance would terrify my heart and soul. The last line is the most soulful despair of letting go. I find in such emotional moments that it is the truest love that causes one to mourn a loss so deeply.

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    1. I agree with you, it would be terrifying. And I wouldn’t want to even think about it. I don’t, as a matter of fact. However, it was Andrew’s creative writing this morning that prodded me to come up with some sort of a response.
      Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to share your beautiful thoughts.

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  2. There is strength in imagining parting, as almost a way to test the ropes binding the hearts. I’m glad this is only β€œwhat if.” Now – here – do this one. (a dare) What if you both lived forever, and could live together through eternity? What would you want to do most of all (beyond the obvious). πŸ˜‰ β™₯.

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    1. Hi Niki..just got in (home).
      I love your dare. I’m sooo gonna do it. And also, your thoughts are so appreciated. Love your comment.
      Yet to leave my comment on your post. ❀️😊

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  3. This is very sad, but it is also so amazing how you made it rhyme so smoothly, and in a different style than a standard poem. It was just like being in water. Also I could picture you saying it, and that made it even more beautiful.

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  4. What an incredible response. Poignant and hauntingly beautiful. As always your finale is sheer perfection. But this time I have to tell you I loved that first stanza. The metaphor of the oars was wonderful. But I think the best lines were:”we used to meet, somewhere along the way….” That line depicts sadness, longing, nostaglia…..and everything I would feel if you ever stopped loving me.
    Bravo Love. This was beyond words. xoxoxo

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    1. I love surprising you, pleasantly of course. And the fact is, you inspire me. So happy you loved it so much. Your praise is my dynamite, just like your love is my kryptonite. Hey that rhymed. Lol.

      I love you. xoxo

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  5. You feel your life would be idle without him, so romantic. To feel you can’t move without someone is just a bond so strong that even the strongest winds can’t budge unless you know your other half is there. This was lovely, your boat should never float alone with how your oar feels. Great write Nandrewdita!πŸ˜‰

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