Storms (A Collaboration*)

*Another collaboration with the amazing Biko (in italics), a poet who effortlessly pens profound verses with simplicity. I loved doing this. Thank you HB for these rains during a dry spell.

there was a recklessness
to the blow
of the wind.
a fierceness
to the sway
of the trees.
a harshness
to the pour
of the rain.
a way the night
lived in its own rebellion.

there was serenity albeit
in the darkness of the night
a grace
to the shying
of the moon
a wisdom in
the way the skies burst open
buckled hearts
to usher in
a gust of purified breath
to wash away the stains
from stubborn minds.

Β©Hudson Biko & Nandita Manan Yata Sept 2018

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