The Cloud

The wind at my behest
went searching for you
to catch your fragrance
and bring it back to me

It brought me word instead
that there were clouds over your head
that you were lost in a haze
and in a whisper I heard your tale

Powder showers of blue water colour light
splinter shards of glass touched by flame so bright
golden moon lost in waters dark
coaxing your distressed heart to catch a spark

The tired sun pleaded to retire at a distance
the waning light painted pictures on my wall
I caught a lone cloud that seemed to have followed the wind
I asked it to go keep an eye on my love.

©Nandita Manan Yata. 14 Oct 2018


Storms (A Collaboration*)

*Another collaboration with the amazing Biko (in italics), a poet who effortlessly pens profound verses with simplicity. I loved doing this. Thank you HB for these rains during a dry spell.

there was a recklessness
to the blow
of the wind.
a fierceness
to the sway
of the trees.
a harshness
to the pour
of the rain.
a way the night
lived in its own rebellion.

there was serenity albeit
in the darkness of the night
a grace
to the shying
of the moon
a wisdom in
the way the skies burst open
buckled hearts
to usher in
a gust of purified breath
to wash away the stains
from stubborn minds.

©Hudson Biko & Nandita Manan Yata Sept 2018

Thus Spoke The Poetess!

I have the power of words
Words are my weapon of choice

If I decide to love you mad,
you shall live forever in a senryu through and through
And if hate you enough,
I can kill you slow in a sestina back and forth!

You’ll never understand my oddquain heart
If you don’t value my presence
And if you have my cinquain love,
you should hope for your sake you dread my absence

If I like you, I’ll make you laugh along with my parody
Be my friend, and we’ll take a leisurely trip along my ninefold

If you shadow me too much,
I’ll make a shadorma out of you
If you get on the wrong side of me
I’ll have your pieces shattered in a mirrored etheree

I can give you a quick one-liner love
I could smother you with an infinite fibonnaci indifference
My passion you may earn in a sonnet
Or you may perish in my lanturne fire

With my ghazal you could get serenaded
But what makes you think I couldn’t give you
the lament of your life with my aubade

My landay may leave you gasping
when you are already short of breath
with my springy haiku

There are chances you may feel pounded by my concrete love
Or you may be head over heels with my verses in rhymes
But this much I guarantee my friend
Love me or hate me
you will want to be engaged by my free verse at all times

Cherish me, I’ll lovingly bathe you in the elixir of my soul’s immortality
Hurt me, I’ll put you in a line and kill you ruthlessly!

And if you still annoy me,
I’ll kill you repeatedly in every stanza
till even your soul cannot be redeemed.

©Nandita Manan Yata

*The words in bold and italics are just some of my favorite poetic forms and I love writing those. As for the sestina, I have done it only once and decided never to do it ever again.

So, Let it Rain! (a Collaboration)

Intro: There was a time during my first blog (Manan Unleashed) when I used to do a lot of collabs, so much so that I had had started a second blog exclusively for collabs. I have an unpublished “Book of Collabs”. The following was written with one such poet with whom I used to share my pen very often.

Every second line (in italics) is mine.


In yesteryear I was caught in my own nightmare
As you walked in your stupor without a care
Unaware there was a way out and about so free
You shut your eyes and ears to the speaking tree
To be what I was meant to be in complete liberty
Disregarding the voice that would have made you truly free
In the liturgy of life without such dark misery
No matter, now you are finding back your sanctity
And the rain rains down from heaven…
To cleanse you of your burden
So let it rain

Today I’ve found my way into numinous dream
Hold it close, don’t stop flowing in that stream
That seems to hold so very much more to adore,
Yeah you still have so much more in store
Leading me to an esoteric shore in cleric garb
Without a shadow of the past playing its harp
Without cutting me adrift from gift of real life
Your eyes now open to the disguised strife
And the rain rains down from heaven…
To cleanse you of your burden
So let it rain

Tomorrow my vision will walk without derision
And you see the beauty of life with precision
In divine decision to provision my destiny,
Preordained with meaning and skillful mastery
Turning my mourning into dancing in the waves
Tarantism you feel as your inhibition leave
Of the world, saying farewell to plight of night
You embrace with all your heart this new light

And the rain rains down from heaven…
To cleanse you of your burden
So let it rain..

So let it rain!

@Nandita & Jonathan

Underneath the Skin (A Reverse Etheree)

Here’s a little something for all those who miss me. Miss you all too. ❤️


birds don’t conquer the air, they romance it
love is free, don’t try to possess it,
one life you have, make it worthy
come rain come shine, be happy,
get in touch with yourself
peace will dawn itself,
don’t go searching
get finding,
‘neath the

©Nandita Manan Yata.


Patient eyes
gauge hopes and dreams
Praying lips
plant butterfly kisses
Incendiary fingers
add a layer of warmth
Diligent heart
breaks down fortified walls..

And I just sit
wondering how long
before I
to his relentless love

©Nandita Manan Yata

Deep Blue Sea


Last night in my sleep
I prayed my soul to keep
I saw myself drowning
it was but my soul rising

The deep blue sea beckoned
or should I say I reckoned
it was I who called
and all her waters stalled

She was a picture of serenity
I was so lost in the sanctity
of her open flowing arms
I desperately held out my palms

She engulfed me with her gentle force
I felt her entering me through my pores
She filled me up so tenderly
I am now the deep blue sea!


Photo Credit: Tremendous Tony of the sonofabeach fame. Do follow his fantastic blog for some truly mesmerizing pictures. 

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