Time isn’t the Greatest Healer

Time isn’t the greatest healer.
The pain has to either run its course or
The person learns to live with it.
Time only facilitates. It only prepares you. 

©Nandita Manan Yata. 2018.


A New Desire (A Bilingual Poem)

Thami Hui khwahishon ko jab umr ki dehleez pe dekha, sehma hua sa ek ahsaas hua ki aaj ek aur khwaish bagawat ki kagaar pe hai….

English translation:
At the threshold of age whence I stood,
and watched my silent aspirations,
I was shaken to the core by a nervous realization,
that a desire beating anew in my heart,
is on the verge of tearing it apart.


How Far!

From lopsided smiles
of 20-something year olds
(discussing pseudo politics, love and fashion),
were hanging lucid dreams
that looked like they belonged to us

I saw promises
swinging from uncontrollable giggles
of bright-eyed and red-nosed children
frolicking at the park.
Those promises too bore
an uncanny resemblance
to the unsaid words
shared between you and I.

While the lines on our faces
now speak unequivocally
of disappointments and triumphs,
the lines in our palms
smell like a potpourri
of tears and laughter
tumbling down winding staircases
where we staggered once
mimicking our favorite heroes.

I stood there in silence
watching our younger selves
fill mason jars with fireflies,
hearts with delight,
and the wind with sounds of our laughter;
And when the wind roared
we roared back harder:
“Take us afar”

I sit here now
as this pen in my hand struggles,
(its weight as heavy as my heart)
wondering how far we’ve come
and how far back we’d like to go..

©Nandita Manan Yata 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Note: With my birthday just around the corner, I’m reminiscing about younger days and dreams that they bore.

Perfect Recipe

Whisk me a cozy dream
let it wait in belief
Stir in some fantasy
let it sit in hope
Bake me a warm reality
let it rise in faith

Sprinkle oodles of love
add the icing on the cake
Top it with loads of passion
hearty slices, do make
Serve it with a dash of romance
I’m waiting by my crater lake

©Nandita Manan Yata.

Genuine Love

A wonderful read for those who never give up on love, love never gives up on them..


The hardest breakups
bring many tears,
nights of not sleeping
and loss of, or weight gain.

A detachment of spirit
from the most loving one,
a hurtful journey,
wondering if you can ever love.

Within those deepest emotions
at least now you know
what true love is,
(and you will love again),
once your heart is restored.


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The Language of Love

“Not the ones speaking the same language, but the ones sharing the same feeling understand each other.” – Rumi

no hay necesidad de que imagine tus besos en mis labios. Ya llevo tu amor como perfume en mi corazón

तेरा प्यार मेरी ज़िंदगी तेरी बाँहे मेरा साहारा

君は私の目の笑顔, 心の中の歌

আপনি এখানে আছেন এবং আমি এখানে এখানে কেন

ऑखा खोलेर हेर्दा देखियो उल्लास हरियालि
चिम्लेर बस्दा मुस्कान तिम्रो झल्कियो मनैभरी़ ।।

Your smiles light my life, warm my heart
Like no sunshine could ever do
Let me now weave a universal ode
To celebrate (the language of love that is) YOU

©Nandita Manan Yata


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